Cuban External Fixators Used in Nearly 50 Nations

Cuban News Agency

RALCA external fixators, designed by Professor Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras in the early 1970s, used in some 50 countries, announced on Wednesday in this capital the eminent Cuban scientist.

In an exclusive interview with ACN, the President of the Cuban Society of Orthopedics said that these devices, patented in 24 nations, have benefited over 250,000 Cuban patients, with notable results in various complaints.

At present, they’re used in almost all Latin America and they have also been used in the United States, Canada, France and Spain, and in Arab and African nations, stressed the head of the National Group Orthopedics.

The outstanding results presented by Alvarez Cambras and other national specialists were praised by foreign physicians participating in the 34th Caribbean-Cuban Congress on Orthopedics and the 2nd French-Cuban Meeting of the specialty, under way at Havana’s Hotel Nacional de Cuba until April 5.

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