Arab Union of Cuba Condemns Israeli Aggression to Palestine

Arab Union of Cuba Condemns Israeli Aggression to Palestine (Photo: PL)Palestine’s ambassador Akram Samhan condemned at the Arab Union of Cuba (UAC) the Israeli aggression to Gaza, which described as a crime against humanity that will receive the punishment it deserves.

We are determined in our national unity to achieve independence that so much sacrifice has cost, said the diplomat, who demanded the return, now, of thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, many of them with more than 20 and 25 years in captivity.

Summarizing the solidarity act held in that institution, Samhan stated that the indiscriminate bombings have left more than 60,000 Palestinians homeless and material losses estimated at more than $4 billion USD.

The diplomat thanked Cuba’s support to the cause of the Palestinian people, and the solidarity of other peoples and governments from Latin America and many parts of the world.

The president of the Cuban-Arab Friendship Association (AACA), Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras, stated that the Palestinian people, mainly the Gaza Strip, has been suffering since June 12 the consequences of an unprecedented aggression in history.

Reading a statement on behalf of AACA, the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), and the Save Jerusalem Movement facing the aggression to Gaza, Alvarez Cambra said more than 1,800 people have lost their lives, and the number of injured persons grow as a result of the aggression.

Cuba has condemned the indiscriminate and excessive use of force in Israel against defenseless Palestinian civilians, in evident and systematic violation of international legislation and human rights, he said.

The Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Fernando Gonzalez, UAC president Alfredo Deriche, ICAP president Kenia Serrano, and members of the diplomatic staff accredited in Cuba, also attended the act.

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