Venezuelans Gather in Caracas Military Hospital, Bolivar Squares

Radio Havana Cuba

Venezuelans gathered in all the Bolivar plazas of the country to pay tribute to President Hugo Chavez.Executive Vice President Nicolas Maduro called on the people of Venezuela to gather outside the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital in Caracas and Bolivar plazas in every city and town of the country, to pay tribute to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died Tuesday afternoon in the nation’s capital.

In a nationally televised broadcast, Maduro said: “From now on, mourning [Chavez] is banned. Let us sing to honor him, sing him songs by [Venezuelan musician, poet, and political activist] Alí Primera. And his songs and the spirit of Hugo Chavez will be the greatest forces of this country to confront the challenges ahead of us. Those who die for life cannot be called dead.”

Following the announcement of Chavez’s death made by Maduro, Venezuela’s Minister of Defense, Admiral Diego Molero, said Tuesday that the Bolivarian National Armed Force is deployed throughout the country to ensure public safety.

Molero expressed the Armed Forces’ support and loyalty to the national government and the revolutionary process inherited from Hugo Chavez.

The defense minister said: “Mr. Vice President Nicolas Maduro, president of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello, and all the powers of the Venezuelan State, you can count on the Armed Forces, an armed force of the people and for the people.”

Minister Molero also said the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will ensure compliance with the National Constitution.

“We feel the same pain that now overwhelms all the Venezuelan people and once again call for unity, peace and understanding among all sides.” And Minister Molero added: “From now on, our mission will be to observe and enforce the Constitution for the well-being of the country and of the Republic.”

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