Venezuelan Foreign Minister Meets with Hugo Chavez in Havana

Cuban News Agency

Venezuelan foreign minister Elias Jaua said on Monday that he met with President Hugo Chavez, who took decisions related to the upcoming Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).
On his twitter account the foreign minister said that he shared jokes and smiles with the Venezuelan leader and added that Chavez took decisions about the participation of a Venezuelan delegation to the CELAC Summit, to take place next weekend in Santiago de Chile.
The delegation will include Elias Jaua and Vice-president Nicolas Maduro.
He said that Chavez thanked the Venezuelan people for their mobilization on January 10, in support of his new presidential term.
Jaua said he conveyed to the head of states the Venezuelan people’s messages of affection and blessings.



  1. Praying for the health of President Chavez, wishing him recovery.

  2. Praying for the recovery of President Chavez.

  3. If Jaua shared smiles and jokes with Chavez, who also thanked the Venezuelan people for their mobilization, then why won’t he simply speak to his citizens? Chavez could even record a message if his present looks are not favorable. Given how critical it is for him to assert his presence and involvement in government, which will affirm his constitutional hold on the presidency of Venezuela, I would think he would have done it already!

    Except of course that he really cannot do it! His continuous silence is completely out of character, as he usually loves to hear himself talk and goes on with his speaches for hours on end! This is just more of the classical socialist news manipulation that has been typical of the Castro regime for decades. Should we call it disinformation or simply clumsily disguised lies?

    Anyway, why do I even bother writing this comment? Of course it will not be posted in your site, as your paper is under the boot of socialist censorship, which does not tolerate criticism or democratic freedom of expression.

    • As you see your comment was posted. The fact of having posted it is by itself an answer to your considerations. As far as Chavez is concerned, we do believe on what the Venezuelan authorities have informed on the subject since the very beginning. That responsibility is onle theirs. We respect that.

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