Maduro Thanks Cuba for Care Provided to President Chavez

Radio Havana Cuba

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro thanked Cuba for the care provided to President Hugo Chavez, who is now undergoing medical treatment at the Military Hospital in Caracas.
Addressing a Council of Ministers meeting at the Miraflores Presidential Palace, Maduro recalled that Chavez returned to the homeland after 70 days of struggle for his health and life.

He said the president “arrived to Venezuela from the homeland of Jose Marti, Fidel, Raul and the dignified and independent people of Cuba, to whom we are deeply grateful for all the love and special care given to our Commander”.

Maduro went on to say: “We extend our gratitude to Cuba for the care expressed every day, with the same love and dedication with which 30,000 Cuban doctors, who perform their work in the rural areas and humblest Venezuelan neighborhoods, saving thousands of lives and seeing millions of patients”.

Maduro recalled that Chavez confronted and overcame “very difficult post-surgery conditions, while beginning this new phase of complementary treatments for his disease”.

“And here we are in Venezuela, in our South America, receiving Commander Hugo Chavez with love, accompanying him in his decision to continue the battle. There he is in the Military Hospital as another patient, as an ordinary man”; he stressed and added that the Venezuelan people are at the hospital’s door, praying for their leader.

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