Fidel Castro: Unforgettable Memories

Radio Havana Cuba

Fidel Castro recalls his visit to liberated territory in Vietnam 40 years ago.


The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has written an article entitled: “Recuerdos imborrables” (Unforgettable Memories).

This latest Reflection by Fidel, published by Cuban media on Saturday, recalls his visit -40 years ago in 1973- to liberated territory in Vietnam, in the midst of the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people against the U.S. war of aggression.

Fidel says that in writing about the causes and the consequences of the Vietnam war, particularly the atrocities committed by the invading forces against the Vietnamese people and the millions of innocent lives lost, somehow he feels he is helping people all over the world reflect on the current situation, when humanity is again on the brink of a new war of aggression that would inevitably bring terrible consequences.

Fidel stresses that any such confrontation in today’s world would be far more devastating than ten Vietnam wars, even threatening the very survival of our species on the Planet.

He recalled that today nine nations — the United States, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea, France and Britain — possess nuclear weapons, which are far more lethal than the Sarin gas used against the civilian population near Damascus by yet unknown forces and which the United States is intent on using as a pretext to attack the Arab nation.

Fidel stresses that humanity, which today numbers more than seven billion people -mostly children and adolescents-, has already suffered too much due to the warmongering policies of Washington and its allies.

In his latest written reflections, Fidel praises Russia, which he said has stood firm against the U.S. arrogance.   Russian Foreign Minister Serguéi Lavrov spoke on behalf of a brave, intelligent and courageous government that is trying hard to avoid a major catastrophe of unpredictable consequences.

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