Fidel: It is a Duty to Update Socialism and Improve it

After casting his ballot at a voting station in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolucion municipality, Fidel spoke with reporters for over one hour. The people are everything, without the people we would be nothing, and the revolution would not exist, said Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on Sunday in a

The people are everything, without the people we would be nothing, and the revolution would not exist, said Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on Sunday in a message to the Cuban people, just after he cast his vote at the second stage of Cuban general elections.
Fidel stressed the revolutionary qualities of the Cuban people, who have not yielded despite the over-50-year US economic blockade. “They have not and will not be able to surrender them (the Cuban people) despite over 50 years of blockade”, he pointed out.
Fidel said that it is a duty to update socialism and improve it, though it is a stage to be implemented very carefully to avoid any mistake. He said that the egalitarianism previously practiced in Cuba was not correct; however, nobody knew the formula.
Despite the mistakes and all kinds of difficulties on the way, the Cuban process has been the one closest to a revolution, he pointed out.
Fidel was interested in the pace of the elections and he referred to the large percent of women in the Cuban Parliament, which makes it one of the first parliaments in the world in this regards.
As to the health recovery of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Fidel said that he is progressing well and he showed optimism towards the full recovery of the Bolivarian leader.
He also praised the work of the Venezuelan president in all areas in his country and in Latin America as he stressed that Chavez is one of the persons, who has done the most for the unity of the region.
Fidel also referred to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, whose pro-tempore presidency was assumed by Cuba in January. He described the bloc as an advancement stemming from the efforts of many.
He expressed his concern about the world being led to a war, which would undoubtedly lead to a tragedy. The blast of 100 nuclear bombs would be enough to cause the extinction of the human species and life on Planet Earth, Fidel alerted.
After recalling that few armed confrontations have been avoided in the history of humanity, he said that man has not yet evolved as much as to be able to prevent such conflicts.
The Cuban Revolution leader also addressed the consequences being faced by Europe due to the world economic crisis and he commented alarming indicators, such as the high unemployment level in Spain, and he asked if there is any visible solution to that problem.
Fidel also stressed China’s development, and he recalled that he personally had very good relations with Chinese leaders.
Answering reporters’ questions about how he uses his time, Fidel Castro said he is on active intellectual work. “I pay attention to many things, particularly scientific, economic and international news”, he said.
Fidel added that he usually meets with friends, who work in food production and he noted that he also pays attention to everything related to Cuban agriculture.
The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution cast his vote on Sunday at the same voting station where he has always cast his ballot since the first and historic election held on the island in 1976.

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