Caracas Emblematic Parish to Welcome Hugo Chavez


Inhabitants of 23 de Enero parish, western Caracas, will welcome the mortal remains of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who will be moved this Friday from the Military Academy to the Headquarters of the Mountain. 

“With Hugo Chavez’s legacy, we have to continue building this new productive model, this new social perspective, which was in fact born in this parish with a combative perspective, without discrimination of race and gender. We are ready to defend all of it,” said Gerson Hernandez, member of collective Sergio Rodriguez.

In 23 de Enero parish is located the Headquarters of the Mountain, place where Commander Chavez headed the 4 February 1992 rebellion; it will be the pace where people may go to pay their respects.

Hernandez said that in that place was born Chavez’s hopeful illusion of building a homeland with social view; thus, he added that this parish is emblematic.

Similarly, Yamelis Luna, member of collective Combatiente, said: “Chavez vindicated a nation long time ago and he particularly left us all with awareness. He vindicated us with health, education. He taught us about love, loyalty and respect. That’s the line we must abide with love to this homeland.”

Also member of that group, David Romero said that having Chavez in this space is a honor. “Today, his children are more disciplined than ever because he lives and he will continue in our hearts.”

On Friday morning, it is expected a military parade to honor the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution at the Military Academy. Then, a march throughout Los Proceres avenue to then continue in a caravan up to the Headquarters of the Mountain.

(Taken from AVN)

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