Breaking ball: the Gourriel brothers out of The Roosters

Elsa Ramos

The brothers Yulieski, Yunieski Gourriel Yunielki Lourdes Castillo will not play with the team of Sancti Spiritus (The Roosters) in the upcoming National Series.

Escambray (digital version) acceded to the approval forms from the National Sports Institute in response to the applications submitted for the aforementioned athletes after their decision to move to the capital city, due to family matters.

According to Heriberto Moreno, director of the National Sports Institute (INDER) in Sancti Spiritus, the situation was properly analyzed under the provisions of Regulation Decree No. 140 on the sports participation rate, applicable for the Cuban competitive system since 1988.

As stated in the letter, in the case of Yulieski was decided to grant an exceptional release, since according to those regulations (Article 46), “Athletes of the National Centers (…), while they remain active in these centers they will participate for the territory that promoted them “.

For Yunieski and Lourdes Yunielki Gourriel it was decided to ignore the waiting period established by Article 49: “The first class athletes who participated in the competition representing a territory, when changing residence to another territory they will have to wait a year to participate for the new territory. That year may pass without participating by its former territory. ”

The solution was provided by the article itself as it also says exactly the opposite of what initially proclaims: “If the territory through which the athlete must participate in that year may ignore that waiting period, by written consent of the Assistant Provincial Sports Activities, “just what happened in the last two cases.

The possible departure of the Gourriel brothers came shuffling since the last series, when it was known that Lourdes, local baseball icon and father of the trio of players, had moved from Sancti Spiritus, to the capital of the country for health reasons.

Since then, the lack of official information and the prolific imagination of fans paid all kinds of rumors about it, some of which are turning into reality with this confirmation.


The Gourriel will wear blue


After being released officially by the Provincial Sports in Sancti Spiritus, the brothers Yulieski, Yunieski and Lourdes Yunielki Gourriel Castillo will join this week the Industrials baseball team overlooking the coming National Series.

The confirmation was offered by the eldest brother, Yunieski, from the nation’s capital where now resides the Gourriel-Castillo family.

“We had already talked with Lazaro Vargas, director of Industrial team, and the Provincial Commissioner, we were just waiting for the letters of authorization.

“We are pleased that they have finally understood our reasons, we moved here for the health of my father as we have said.”

Asked about his relationship with Sancti Spiritus and the particularity of having to face his former teammates, Yunieski clarified that they have not had any particular problems with the province, and with athletes, let alone with the team manager.

“We always play for our province and in the case of Aragon we keep excellent relations with him and appreciate the work he did last year with the Roosters, even when we could not get the title, this is precisely one of the debts that we have with Sancti Spiritus”.

“It will be very difficult to face the Roosters as rivals, but the fans can say for certain that even if we take the blue uniform, we won’t stop being from Sancti Spiritus” he said.

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