Sandy: Sancti Spiritus Readies to support Cuban Eastern Provinces

Jose Luis Camellon

Electricity and communications workers and search and rescue brigades are preparing for recovery tasks in the affected areas in eastern Cuba.

Specialized forces in search and rescue work, and in electrical and communications services are prepared since dawn in Sancti Spiritus to depart for the eastern provinces and participate in the recovery tasks in those heavily damaged areas by Hurricane Sandy.

Some 30 electric linemen with their equipment and transportation means plan to move at Thursday’s noon to the area hit by Sandy, meanwhile, communications task forces ready resources and await the order of the needs in this branch.

Sancti Spiritus Defense Council demanded other sectors and territory agencies to create conditions to provide supportive assistance to Cuba’s eastern region if requested.

In a work session this morning, the Defence Council assessed the situation in the province, which is normal, and so far without significant rains.

Nevertheless, hydrological vigilance is maintained on the reservoirs of the Cuban central province due to its high water storage, especially the Zaza Dam, which held at dawn today about 900 million cubic meters, and since the previous night had closed its spillway gates.

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