Restoration of Avenida de los Martires Paseo Continues (+photos)

Carmen Rodriguez

The largest stretch of this avenue has been already restored.


The transformation of Sancti Spiritus’s Avenida de los Martires, one of the city’s major roads, has been resumed with the repair of the section between Carretera Central and the headquarters of the provincial government.

Some months ago it was decided to rescue the largest stretch of this avenue, which runs up to the historic area of the village. This investment continues today with the repair of over 150 meters of road, said the head of the office in charge of the job.

The same source briefed on the transformation being carried out, which includes changing the trees and the benches of the park, among other renovation actions. This is all part of the local undertakings to welcome the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the village in 2014.

The Avenida de los Martires paseo, also called the Prado paseo, was built back in 1930 to link the old and the new areas of the village. At present moment, it stretches up to the Jose Antonio Huelga Stadium.

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