Sancti Spiritus Fights off Heavy Rains Again


People from Sancti Spiritus resumed actions to compensate the damages caused in the last 72 hours by the second storm that affects the central province of Cuba in less than a month.

This time the heavy rains, caused by a depression, severely hit the southern area of the territory, where communities are still cut off and the system of drinking water supply of Trinidad, declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, was also affected.

In the low areas of Agabama River, the second largest river in Cuba, animals and resources were transferred to higher ground and a surveillance is maintained to preserve the people’s lives.

According to reports from the local Meteorological Center throughout the south of the province, from Trinidad to the municipality of La Sierpe gauges marked significant figures for the period, between 300 and 200 millimeters of precipitation.

The management of Water Resources maintains an active surveillance on the Zaza dam waters, the largest in the country, with capacity of 1.020 million cubic meters.

As a precaution, several gates are kept open in order that the dam does not exceed 860 million cubic meters, as it received 800 million by last May flood in about 48 hours, which made necessary the evacuation of about seven thousand people living in the south of the dam.

Taken from Prensa Latina

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