Paraguayan Senate Passes Impeachment and Removal of the President


Paraguayan Senate passed today the schedule for the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo that would remove him from office in just 24 hours.

The opposition majority that dominates the Parliament gave its approval to a program for the rapid treatment of the subject to begin with the president’s appearance before Congress tomorrow to hear the charges against him.

Tomorrow would run the time scheduled for the defense of the Chief of State and their removal by Congress.

At the end of the meeting, Senator Carlos Filizzola, one of the four people who defended the government during the meeting, said that it is a political conspiracy in violation of all normative legal budgets for such a significant decision.

He added that this twitch the situation in the country because people will not accept the judgment of Lugo, which he believes is already made, and described the actions of legislators as a circus. (Taken from PL)

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