Health Facilities Ameliorated in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Dayamis Sotolongo

Four municipal hospitals are being repaired in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, and more than 280 health units receive constructive benefits in the current year.


Although changing the “image” of health facilities in the territory is not an impossible task, the issue is not as easy as pie. However, constructive changes have improved the physical conditions of several centers of Sancti Spiritus primary and secondary care.

Record begins in 2012: four hospitals are being submitted to repair and maintenance, which often have resulted in capital stock. Some facilities benefiting from such works are the hospitals in the municipalities of Yaguajay, Trinidad and Fomento and Cabaiguan’s Maternity Hospital.

According to Gonzalo Crespo Rodriguez, deputy director for Investment, Maintenance and Electromedicine in Sancti Spiritus Health Office,” each work has its peculiarities, but, in general, the activities focus on the improvement and renovation of rooms, veneers, carpentry and electrical networks, hydraulic, and plumbing and the painting of facilities. Many of the centers are also being remodeled and in some, the operating rooms are being expanded.

“Constructive improvements are not only the center of attention, adds the official, “because it is a comprehensive maintenance intervention which also includes the recovery of non-clinical and clinical furniture, an area in which more than 1 800 actions have already been carried out.”

The construction works have also reached the clinic ward of Taguasco’s hospital, and Banao’s polyclinic. They have also extended over a hundred family doctor offices: thirty-eight have already been done out of the 80 still on work.

As part of the investment process developed in the province, works in the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital continue, as towers F and B are to be totally repaired, benefiting more than 100 beds.

As pointed out by Gonzalo Crespo, most of the works are intended to conclude before the end of the first half of the year.

But not only the hospitals as such will be repaired, as Sancti Spiritus University of Medical Sciences will be undertaken a remodeling process which will focus on the improvement of the carpentry and the electrical networks and the capital intervention of one of the school’s dorms .

The maintenance and investment plan in the province includes more than 280 works and a budget of over 3 million pesos.

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