Delegates to Tehran NAM Summit Back Cuban Stance


Delegates from African and Latin American countries expressed today a tacit support for Cuba principle’s stance, presented by First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura at the 16th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro highlighted Machado’s alert about the imperative of nuclear disarmament in the world, and the double standards of Western powers that defend the non-proliferation, but refuse to give up those arsenals.

Maduro also greeted the demand to complete decolonization processes in Puerto Rico, which remains as U.S. associated state, and the claim for the Argentinean sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

Maduro praised Machado’s appreciation over recent precedents “characterized by unleashing deadly wars as part of powerful states’ strategy to break nations to recolonise territories and restore areas of influence.

The Venezuelan diplomat noted that new doctrines are also applied, and the concepts of “responsibility to protect human safety” to plunder developing nations are being manipulated.

The Cuban first vice president stated that these concepts, together with the policy of regime change and NATO’s new strategic conceptions, “predict a new division of the world if we are to live up to that imminent threat.”

Representatives of Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Angola, South Africa and Namibia also praised Machado’s alert to the greed for natural resources and geopolitical anxieties by major powers.

Machado Ventura talked on behalf of Cuba and the Latin American country members of NAM, but delegates from Asia, Africa and the Middle East stressed the Caribbean island’s experience and prestige within that 120-nation Movement.  (Taken from PL)

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