Cuban Baseball: Roosters Debut in 2012 vs. Lions


An attractive three-game series is at sight when Sancti Spiritus face from Tuesday to Thursday Industriales Blue Lions in the headquarters of the latter, in the continuation of the 51st Cuban baseball national season. Roosters Yunier Mendoza outstands with a 400 average.

By Elsa Ramos Ramirez

Roosters and Lions are expected to get their tickets to play off games as they fight fiercely in the Western region standings to remain among the best four teams in the zone.

Sancti Spiritus is currently placed 3rd with a 13-11 record, two games away from leader Matanzas, while Industriales follows on the 4th position, with a 12-11 record, and two games and a half away from the leader of the Western region.

Roosters’ offensive seemed to awake at the end of 2011 and rose to 277, still below its actual potential. Yunier Mendoza outstands with a 400 average (8th placed in the country). He is also leader in hits (38) and in scored runs (22) while being positioned 2nd in the doubles department.

Lions’ offensive is much better as they go second in Cuba with a 315 average lead by Rudy Reyes (395) and Irait Chirino (379). Their defence is also better than Roosters’ with a 973 average vs. Sancti Spiritus’ lousy 955.

The pitching area favors Sancti Spiritus with a 3, 95 ERA vs. Lions’ 5, 45.

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