Artists from Sancti Spiritus Attend Festival in Lagos de Moreno


Cuban culture was news again in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, via the work of artists from Sancti Spiritus, who take part in the first cultural festival organized between the two cities.

The Santiago Gallery, owned by the renowned Mexican intellectual Alfredo Rosales de Santiago, is the major venue of the event, where plastic arts artists, writers, journalists and musicologists show their work.

The President of Lagos de Moreno municipality, Mr. Marco Antonio Gonzalez Ortiz, opened last Friday 13th, a painting exhibition by Julio Neira and Lorenzo Ruíz, both from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus.

Marco Antonio highlighted the friendship between Cubans and Mexicans as well as the sister city relationship between Sancti Spiritus and Lagos de Moreno. He also happily referred to the World Heritage title recently conferred to the village Santa María de los Lagos.

(Taken from Radio Sancti Spiritus and translated by Escambray)



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