The Cuban Five Send Message to Cuban People


The five Cuban anti-terrorists in US territory –four of them serving severe sentences and one under supervised release- sent a message of congratulations to the Caribbean island for the new year, in which they express their gratitude for the international solidarity shown in favor of their release.By ACN

A text spread by the National Committee for the Freedom of The Five (Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez) condemns the terrible conditions Gerardo is subjected to in a maximum security prison in the city of Victorville, the Web site reported on Monday.

“Gerardo continues living under the terrible conditions of the penitentiary -which I know very well-, enduring with steely strength of spirit the unfair life imprisonments, without being able to receive the visit of his wife Adriana,” points out Antonio Guerrero in the message.

Likewise, the text condemns the current situation of René Gonzalez, who, after serving 13 years in prison, should remain for another three in the US territory under supervised release.

“Rene has been set free, but his freedom is conditioned, it’s freedom in constant danger for his personal safety; freedom without being able to have his wife Olga and his daughters; freedom without freedom,” he underlines.

In addition, he recalls the International Colloquium for the Freedom of The Five recently held in eastern Holguin province, which was attended by US pacifist Cindy Sheehan.

In this regard, Fernando Gonzalez thanked the solidarity committees that carry out actions in over 200 cities in the world to pressure the US government so justice is served in their case.

“You are our greatest virtue, our strength, and the main reason for out optimism, for the fact that some day the great miracle of freedom will be made, and will be able to celebrate together the joy of victory,” says Ramon Labañino in the message.

“For the five of us, separated from our relatives and our people for over 13 years now, the recurrent wish for this injustice to be at last redressed will be a great hope again,” stresses Rene Gonzalez in the text.

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