Sancti Spiritus Readies for 500 Foundation Anniversary


by Carmen Rodríguez

Amidst historians, biographers and experts’ dilemma concerning foundation date, the central Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus readies for its 500th foundation anniversary celebration in 2014. Abovementioned fact was inexcusable pretext to undertake actions on the rescue of local heritage.

That’s why, a budget has been earmarked which will allow the overall restoration of the village.

The renovation activities, which were started with the reconstruction of Antonio Maceo Park, best known by local residents as La Caridad park, will be extended downtown where the city’s historic center is found. Facades and streets will be repaired as well.

According to local authorities, the revival of urban environments and landscapes which identify the village are top priority. The city’s main squares, avenues and parks will be also considered in the program.

The restoration of the Museum of Colonial Art is also worth mentioning.

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