Sancti Spiritus Honey Contributes to Exportation


With nearly 3700 tons of honey processed until December, Sancti Spiritus plant, in central Cuba, meets the annual plan set for 2011. The product destined mainly to exports grew in 840 tons when compared to the previous year.

By Jose Luis Camellon Alvarez

According to Bruno Garcia Castro, top representative of the beekeeping activity in the Cuban central province, the increment is caused by the greatest production in the last three-month period which met the highest flowering levels occurring in this epoch. Also significant are the stimulating buy prices for the producer.

Honey’s quality is excellent, adds the Garcia, and fulfills the parameters set by the foreign market, which certainly influences positively the exportation of the product.

The processing plant in Sancti Spiritus, responsible for the 60% of the honey made in Cuba, will continue the treatment in order to complete some 4200 tons by the end of the current year.

Sancti Spiritus beekeepers are only expected to complete the annual plan and as the recollection reduces only to 30 tons, the territory should reach the 600 tons planned, a superior result when compared to 2010.

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  1. i thought that sancti spiritus was a flower for bees. i wonder what kinds of flowers are used in cuba. eucalyptus used to be the only honey in australia. i got a diversification with more flower types. in new zealand and australia manuka honey gel is exported as a wound dressing gel. it has a natural antibiotic in it. because i couldn´t find hydrocolloid dressings in chile i was using vaselina but there was not much improvement so i tried chilean food honey. i now have steady improvement. if there is not enough manuka honey in the world cuban honey could be made into a sterile wound gel. i only know 5 honey exporters. the price of pharmaceuticals is very high and cuban honey would make many millions more as a honey wound gel than as food. i won´t try and guess how much more money it could make. a honey wound gel led economic recovery? i got toothpaste tubes used as a honey container and honey wound gel could be put in a small toothpaste tube. the ancient egyptians used honey as a wound dressing long before the manuka bush was discovered in new zealand and australia. abba, the swedish musicians had fish paste in toothpaste tubes and there´s vegemite in toothpaste tubes and nestle has condensed milk in toothpaste tubes so all kinds of foods can be packed in toothpaste tubes. i can imagine meat paste in toothpaste tubes if the fibres were short. corned beef is in tin cans.

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