Educational Program for Children in Sancti Spiritus


by Delia Proenza

Over 20 000 children aged under five are included in the Cuban so-called Educate your child program in Sancti Spiritus, aimed at providing education for children who cannot attend daycares. The program is supported by several organizations and is led by community promoters.

The program began to be implemented throughout the island in 1992 due to the shortage of day care centers which, on the other hand, could not be built any more because economic limitations.
Sources from pre-school education offices in this territory informed that the program is supported by several organizations and is run by community promoters who instruct the relatives who accompany the children to classes.
During the first year, the family doctor plays the most important role when giving instructions to mothers on how to handle their babies properly. Nevertheless, sometimes the health issue is given more importance that education, added the sources.
Studies carried out by the Cuban Institute of Pedagogical Sciences confirm that a wide range of aspects that define the bio-psychological progress of children take place during the first five years of life.
Over 8 000 pre-school children attend daycares or kindergarten in Sancti Spiritus, but quite a larger number need to get first education with the cooperation of their relatives.
Cuba is privileged to have such an educational program which must be made good use of not only by the children’s relatives but also by the society as a whole.

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