Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus Remodels Ancient Heritage


by Manuel Echevarria

Sancti Spiritus Parque Maceo (Maceo park), best known by local residents as Parque de la Caridad (La Caridad park) for its location next to the church of the same name, was elected for overall restoration under a local project started October last year.

According to sources from this territory’s heritage offices, the area around the park will be completely restored. The pavement will be removed and the trees will be substituted. The benches will be replaced as well as the street lamps while the nearby buildings will be all renovated.
The former square was turned into nowadays park in 1911 which was named after Cuban top mambi leader Antonio Maceo, to whom a bronze bust was erected. This monument will be transferred to a wider area which will allow meetings on special patriotic or similar commemorations.
The former Plaza de la Caridad (La Caridad square) acquired importance in the XVIII century when a chapel was built with the same name and the area soon turned into a commercial a recreational spot.
The remodeling works are somewhat delayed at this moment due to shortage of certain indispensable good-quality material like wood, which are not always delivered according to the scheduled program.

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