Cuban Youth: Socialism is Irreversible


by Enrique Ojito Linares

The 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution and the Bay of Pigs victory over the USA-led invasion was marked this Saturday in Sancti Spiritus.

The territory’s major ceremony was held at the memorial erected to local martyrs.

When referring to those events, the member of the municipal bureau of the Cuban Communist Party, Yumar Castro Alvarez, highlighted the significance of the imperialism’s first great defeat in Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) in the southern coast of Matanzas province.

The local Party leader stressed the role played by Fidel Castro in the defeat of the mercenary invasion which was preceded by air attacks to Santiago de Cuba airport and both the air bases in San Antonio de los Baños and Ciudad Libertad.

A law student took the floor to express the youth’s commitment towards the irreversible character of socialism in Cuba.

During the ceremony, several young workers and students were recipients of the Youth Communist League (UJC) membership card while some Ministry of the Interior combatants were awarded a commemorative medal.

Local former members of the 345 Battalion which fought against the 2506 invading brigade in Playa Giron, were special guests to the ceremony.

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