Cuban Vaccine against Cancer Highlighted in India


by Prensa Latina

A therapeutic vaccine against advanced lung cancer created by scientists at Cuba’s Molecular Immunology Center, will be tested in Great Britain, the IANS news agency reported.The drug was developed after 15 years of research and successful administration to more than 1,000 Cuban patients, according to IANS.

The product is already registered in Peru and is in the process of registration in Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Argentina and other Latin American countries. It will also be registered in Australia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Quoting sources from Cuba’s pharmaceutical industry, IANS said that clinical trials in Great Britain will be carried out in the coming weeks.

Cuban experts pointed out that the vaccine can not prevent cancer, but it can control it in its advanced stage by generating antibodies that act against the proteins that trigger cell proliferation.

The product is safe, causes no severe side effects and increases the life expectancy of patient, said Project Director Gisela Gonzalez.

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