Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Achievements in 2011 Highlighted


Sancti Spiritus residents were acknowledged by the Party’s Provincial Committee in its Ordinary Session due to the results attained during the decisive 2011. Jose Ramon Monteagudo Ruiz made reference to the achievements obtained with effort in some economy items in the region.

By Delia Proenza Barzaga

Jose Ramon Monteagudo Ruiz, top political leader in the Cuban central province, made reference to the achievements obtained with effort in some economy items in the region, as consequence of a work strategy more demanding and controlled, but yet to be perfected, because in this relevant battle a step back can not be allowed.

“In words of Cuban President Raul Castro some days ago, we assure that the economic battle is won or lost in the work places”, said Monteagudo while adding that “we should respond energetically to that call and solve the accumulated problems”.

Sancti Spiritus top leader reflected on the issues of debate in the session, which versed about the province’s performance during the year to be finished, specifically in the health sector. He emphasized on the need of getting rid off excuses while proving it’s  possible to move on. This province, said Monteagudo, has great potential in agriculture, as it is exemplified in the sugarcane cultivation, the sugar, coffee, tobacco and milk productions, among other important items.

As for the health sector, Sancti Spiritus Party’s First Secretary demanded to pay attention to the needs of the population in the process of reorganization. “It is of the essence that family doctors remain in their places and that we continue to use rationally the resources while maintaining an appropriate organization”, said the leader.

In the Ordinary session merits were given to the egg production, the fish industry, the dwelling construction, sugar manufacturing and the growing sugarcane cultivation and bean cropping, among other spheres.


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