Canary Island Government Official Visited Sancti Spiritus


by Pastor Guzmán Castro

Deputy Minister of Immigration of the Government of the Canary Islands Guillermina Hernández Martín, visited Sancti Spiritus, where she met with some Canary islanders at the local headquarters of the Institute of Friendship with the People (ICAP).

“I am and I feel like someone born in Sancti Spiritus”, Hernández said. She confessed to have fallen in love with this territory since the first of her several visits. She has also been to Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Pinar del Rio, but she feels specially comfortable among Sancti Spiritus residents.

When addressing her fellow-countrypeople, the official said her government will maintain the existing exchange and cooperation projects, including the regular support they have been receiving for several years now.

The distinguished visitor toured the city this Wednesday and visited the school of music, a health institution and met with the local government presidency.

According to Leonor Perez, from the Cuba-Canary Islands Association in this province, around 500 to 600 natives to Canary Islands still live in the region, 40 of whom reside in the capital municipality.

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