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Sancti Spíritus, Site of Legends and Realities

The fourth Cuban patrimonial village, Sancti Spíritus, is today a place of legends and realities, of renovations to celebrate this June 4 the 510th anniversary of its founding by the Spaniards. The people of Sancti Spíritus live attached to their traditions without abandoning development and modernity as a city that in the 16th century was the union of the east »

Bloguerías de Mayo debates media challenges in Cuba

Bloguerías de Mayo, the latest event within the Romerías de Mayo cultural festival, is promoting debates on communication, media, services, and artificial intelligence as challenges of the current Cuban press.»

Forest Fires: Being in the Woods and Seeing the Trees

International Tree Day, Day of a World

There is not much talk about the forests in Cuba. However, about a third of the national territory is covered by natural forests, making a total of between 3 and 4 million hectares. This is stated by Dr. C. Arnaldo Fabián Álvarez Brito, Senior Researcher at the Agroforestry Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture.»

Cuba’s infant mortality rate decreased in 2023

When the world exhibits alarming and sad figures, even in developed countries, this decrease in child deaths in the Greater of the Antilles, constitutes, without fear of being mistaken, a gift to the people of Cuba»