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Workers Celebration on May Day (+infographics)

More than 100 000 workers, many of them accompanied by relatives, will march on May Day along Sancti Spiritus Plaza Mayor General Serafín Sánchez Valdivia to ratify the feelings of unity of the people towards the Revolution and its leaders. According to Oslidia López Martín, a member of the Provincial Secretariat of the Workers’ Trade Union (CTC) in the territory, »

Sancti Spiritus Hosts Workshop on Youth and Participation in Latin America

The role of young people and their intervention in the social changes that take place in the region, were the focus of discussions in the workshop Youth and participation in Latin America, recently carried out at the José Martí University (Uniss) of Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba. Venezuelan youth leader Carlos Alberto Soto Soto, who was invited to the event, told »

Human Rights: The Best Evidence

You wake up. You wear your uniform from Monday to Friday. You take your books and your snack, and then your mother goes with you to school. On the way, your  little brother is taken to where he plays with other children. No matter if there are no toys, the pedagogical assistants will make them with the products they have »

Fidel Left Me Speechless (+photos)

As the Caravan went by, people were somewhat disoriented, it was impossible not to feel distressed or at least thoughtful. In Sancti Spiritus, thousands waited for you for hours and have now spoken from their hearts»