Radio Havana Cuba

Texto de Radio Havana Cuba

Statement by Casa de las Americas: Cuba belongs only to Cuba

The Havana-based Casa de las Américas

A young man of migrant descent is killed by police. Thousands of people, outraged, take to the streets. Police repression is unleashed. Buildings and cars are set on fire, and dozens are injured. The number of arrests grows by the hour. France burns.»

Threads hits 100 million users in five-day record surge

Threads: la nueva red social de Meta

The Threads app launched by Instagram as a rival to Twitter has seen more than 100 million users sign up in less than five days, data tracking websites said on Monday, smashing the record of artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT for the fastest-growing consumer app.»

Newsweek reveals CIA role in Ukraine

Newsweek reveals CIA role in Ukraine

The Central Intelligence Agency has "boots on the ground" in Ukraine and operates a clandestine supply network to help the government in Kiev to fight Russia, Newsweek reported on Wednesday, citing anonymous sources within the U.S. government.»