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Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus, Energy-Independent

For many experts the future economic development in Sancti Spiritus province is “decided” in an open space of just over 26 000 square meters of land, located in a former sugar cane plantation in the sugar mill Melanio Hernandez, next toTuinucu village.»

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Canning Industry Weans of Imports

Sancti Spiritus canning industry counts on four lines of production which includes a processing and aseptic canning plant of Italian origin, for obtaining primary pulp and capable of assimilating 120 tons of fruit each working day.»

Now People Call Me Saint Valentine, Plane Pilot Says

Three workers from the Air Service National Company (ENSA, in Spanish) travelling onboard an AN-2CX light aircraft, were unhurt after an emergency landing on Jibacoa, a location next to Topes de Collantes, in the Escambray mountain range.»

Hydraulic Mega-Project Being Built in Central Cuba

An artificial river nearly as long as Cauto and two times the size of Zaza, is being drawn in the island’s belly in such a silent manner, that the magnitude of the work is hardly revealed, not even for those involved in the undertaking. The building works are scheduled to be concluded in 2022.»