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January 28: José Martí’s brilliance

A new January 28th arrives to mark Cuban National Hero José Martí’s 169th birth anniversary, as his poems and words and plenty of dedicated songs fly in our schools, where he is so cherished, and elsewhere nationwide as part of an indescribable celebration»

WTO considers trade a tool of recovery


Trade can contribute to a faster recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, but only if everyone can participate and fully benefit from this activity, the WTO's highest authority said today»

Cuban Zapateo dates back to the far-off 1550s

El zapateo. Víctor Patricio Landaluze. Colección: Arte en la colonia

There are more than 70 musical genres in Cuba, which is why many call it the Island of Music. In the first place we must mention Salsa, Son or Danzón, although Cha-cha-chá, Mambo or the noisy Timba also stand out, without leaving aside others born centuries ago, such as the Zapateo. Zapateo is a Cuban stomping dance of Spanish origin »