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New Books Honor Colonial Trinidad


Sticked to its own traditions, Trinidad features sites that allow visitors go back centuries. But not only its architectural values are worth noting; the village also has an outstanding intangible cultural heritage.»

Cuba Readies for 2nd CELAC Summit

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga announced that everything necessary has been done to welcome the participants to the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).»

Washington Announces Agenda of Campaign for the Five

Cuban Five

The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five announced in Washington the agenda of activities for the 3rd Solidarity Campaign with the anti-terrorist fighters, to take place June 4th through the 11th.»

Venezuelan Central Bank Supports Adherence to MERCOSUR

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), which governs the country’s monetary policy, supports full joining of the nation to the activities of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), sources of the institution reported.»

Cuba Announces New Regulation for Idle Land Distribution

Cuba makes progresses in delivering idle lands in usufruct with the granting since 2008 of more than 1.580.000 hectares and the updating of the legislation referring to the issue, as part of the improvement of the economic model.»

Cuba Invites GCC Leader to Attend CELAC Summit

The general secretary of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Abdul Latif bin Rashed Al Zayani, received Cuban ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Enrique Enriquez, with whom he analyzed the possible multilateral cooperation, diplomatic sources said today.»