Crimes in the Escambray are Still Fresh

By Juan A. Borrego Díaz The anti-Cuban armed bands, encouraged and funded by Washington, cost our country the death of more than 500 of its brave sons and nearly a billion national pesos.»

The Escambray Victory: As Important as Bay of Pigs

Words pronounced by Cuban President Fidel Castro before the grave of comrade Piti Fajardo on November of 1959. … and it pleases us and consoles us as well – comrades- to be able to tell you that the enemies of our Homeland, anywhere in the world they might arise, anywhere …»

Why the Escambray Cordillera?

The Escambray is a chain of mountains stretching all along the current municipalities of central provinces of Cienfuegos, Villa Clara and Sancti Spíritus, in which lays most of their demarcation. Its selection by our neighboring imperialist nation as a perfect clout to boost armed uprising, responded not merely to its …»

What Would They Find in the Escambray?

By Juan A. Borrego Díaz What would they find in the Escambray?. It was our Commander-in-Chief ‘s question when he knew on the very intentions of the last mercenary commando -captured then- that attempted to infiltrate inland through the north of Villa Clara.»