More than Three Villalobos

By Pastor Guzmán Castro The “adventures” of four cousins, all militiamen, whose first or second names are Villalobos go far beyond the fantasies of the popular Spanish language radio program from the 1950’s. Fomento-born Angel D. Torrado Villalobos, directly participant of the LCB in Cuba, proves so.»

We Shed our Blood, but Triumphed

By Katia Monteagudo Back in the Escambray cordillera, Mario Rodríguez Valero, a brave man who taught peasants and hunted paramilitary bandits as well, recalls his old, but vivid memories.»

Romero Family’s Drama

By Pastor Guzmán Bandit chief Julio Emilio Carretero forced the entire Romero Rojas family to write with their own hands “These people were crashed by the cart wheels” after being massacred in their own household.»

The Crime in Limones Cantero is Still Fresh

By Arelis García Today, as the U.S administration self-proclaims as true spearhead of a crusade against the world-wide terrorism, it shadows the crimes committed by counterrevolutionary bands, encouraged by the White House itself since early of the Cuban Revolution. Worthless wound up its attempts to blow up the Literacy Campaign, …»

Anti-Cuba Bandits: Terrorism in Past Tense

The revolutionary process undertaken by the Cubans after the guerrilla beards’ victory in 1959 did not wait long. for the powerful northern neighbor nation put into motion its varied arsenal of methods to undermine the island’s internal order. Once the United States finally realized that the Cuban Revolution was determined …»

Chronology (May 1961 – December 1965)

1961 May 11: Guillermo Hernández Niebla, his mother Adela Niebla Santos, and his brother René and sister Bertila, both children of peasant Francisco Hernández Rodríguez, left wounded after his house in Sancti Spíritus was assaulted by a terrorist squad.»

Chronology (December 1960 – April 1961)

1960 December 10: Evelio Duke proclaimed himself as unique head of the anti-communist Army. Since he had escaped to hide himself into the Escambray wilderness by the middle of this same year,  he had serious discrepancies with Osvaldo Ramírez. In 1961, he was able to flee abroad.»

Chronology (January 1959 – November 1960)

1959 The organization of a group of bandits in western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, directed by Luis Lara Crespo, former military official of Fulgencio Batista’s Army and fugitive of the revolutionary justice for his several crimes committed in service, marked the sunrise of  terrorist bands in Cuba. In …»

Anti-Cuban Commandos During Operation Mongoose

By Pedro Echeverry Vázquez After the absolute defeat of the mercenary brigade 2506 in Bay of Pigs, Kennedy’s administration appealed immediately to encourage even more the subversive propaganda against Cuba, including the re-activation of its remaining bands that have ended reeling after the so-called Limpia de el Escambray (Escambray Cleanse) …»