Cuba: Yaguajay Honors Crescencio Galañena (+photos)

Yaguajay, a northern municipality in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus, pays tribute to the Cuban diplomat Crescencio Nicomedes Galañena Hernandez, murdered in Argentina in August 1976, victim of the Operation Condor, which involved the country’s military dictatorship that killed thousands of people.»

The Chorrera Slaughter

On June 11, 1962, counterrevolutionary gangs kidnapped and murder eight young workers who were gathering information for future hydraulic projects to be constructed in the southern region of Sancti Spiritus. This action was part of the US sinister Mangoose Plot.»

El Enano’s Legend

By Xiomara Alsina and Katia Monteagudo Releases on the life and death of the state security agent, Alberto Delgado Delgado after thirty-nine years of his murder. Confessions and events told by Brig. General Luis Felipe Denis, ever filmed in El Hombre de Maisinicú (The man of Maisinicú) motion picture or …»

Caballo de Mayaguara

The Caballo de Mayaguara(1) (the Horse of Mayaguara) he is a son of the wilderness and an old dog in the mountain. He says: “The Belgian-made FAL is my bug, and my favorite gun is a 45 “. May I see your gun, I handled it. It´s cold Colt, number …»

Escambray, the General´s Experience

By Carmen Rodríguez Div. General Raúl Menéndez Tomassevich, Santiago de Cuba-born and revolutionary by conviction, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and main unrepeatable figure of stories on fights against bandits in Cuba and Angola.»

The San Ambrosio Murder

By Carmen Rodríguez As simple as his own name by which everyone knew him, was the life of Eliodoro Rodríguez Linares, a peasant murdered in San Ambrosio, alongside the voluntary teacher Conrado Benítez. Unreleased testimonies ever before reveal some details of his death.»

The Bite of the Mongoose

By Pastor Guzmán Castro Murderous gangs sheltered by the empire seized the lives of six young people, members of a crew of topographical studies that was setting conditions for the forthcoming construction of Zaza reservoir.»