Cuba: Positive Signs in Sancti Spiritus Economy

According to preliminary statistics, Sancti Spiritus ends December with positive results in the main indicators of its economy. In a general sense, entities in the Cuban central province went beyond the established programs and the mercantile production as well as the physical production reported a significant increment.»

Cuba: Banking Loans to Better up Housing Stock

With the purpose of contributing to ameliorate housing stock in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, since last December 20th, natural persons may accede to banking loans in order to acquire construction materials and a means to pay the labor force used to repair, rehabilitate or build dwellings. Those requiring the service »

Bank Credits to Dynamize Cuban Economy

December 20th marks the beginning of the bank credits launching in Sancti Spiritus, and in the rest of Cuba. The opening to the new banking service aims at self-employed workers and land tenants as a means of boosting private businesses and dynamizing the territory’s economy.»

Exportation Products Increased in Sancti Spiritus

by Mary Luz BorregoSancti Spiritus products aimed at exportation in different markets have increased this year, mainly those of lobsters, fish, shrimp farm, tobacco, honey, charcoal and metal scrap. These items are highly prestigious in Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, France, Chile, Germany and the Caribbean.»