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Lula Continues to Tour Brazil in Caravan of Hope

During the 20-day tour of northeastern Brazil, the former Brazilian president will visit 25 cities through nine states

Lula Wins Six Points in Vote Intention for Presidential Election

According to a poll carried out by the DataPoder360 institute, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva has strengthened his leadership in the race to the 2018 election

Brazil Trial Might Remove Michel Temer from Office

Although the trial is expected to be resumed next June, it could take up to a year before a verdict is reached

Venezuela to Hold Presidential Elections in 2018

This decision was adopted in view of the demands made by  violent right-wing opposition groups that insist on violating the Constitution

French Demonstrators Reject Presidential Election Results

Demonstrators went along several streets and destroyed showcases and painted sings on walls to show their rejection to Macron and Le Pen

Ecuadorians Vote to Elect President, Vice President

Ecuadorians are participating today in the second round of general elections to choose the president and the vice president who will rule the country from 2017 to 2021

Presidential Elections Drawing Close in Ecuador

Next February 19, citizens will choose the new President, Vice President, 137 national and provincial assembly members, and five Andean parliamentarians

Presidential Candidates Begin Campaign in Ecuador

The eight candidates to Ecuador Presidency began a race to gain followers for their government programs, following the start of the electoral campaign for the general election

CARICOM Observers Satisfied with Elections in Haiti

Observers sent by the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to monitor Sunday’s general elections in Haiti expressed their satisfaction for the smooth development of that political process

Daniel Ortega Wins Presidential Election in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega, the favorite candidate in Nicaragua’s Sunday presidential elections, won 71.3 percent of the votes and made it to his first term as President of the Central American nation

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