BIONAT 2012 Kicks off in Havana, Cuba

The 4th National Convention of the Cuban  Society of Bio-Energy and Natural Medicine (BIONAT 2012) kicks off  Tuesday in this capital aimed at expanding the local experience through  the exchange among experts in the field.»

Use of Natural Medicine Increases in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

According to studies conducted in the current year, the use of Natural and Traditional Medicine (NTM for its Spanish acronym) has increased in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus. Specialists of the branch highlight the progress of some indicators that exceed the standards set at a national scale.»

Natural Medicine Wins Followers in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Natural medicine is highly demanded in Sancti Spiritus, considered one of the island’s best producers. Sources from the natural medicine producing company said that the territory still lacks a proper program to make the useful properties of the less-demanded drugs known.»