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Russia Ready to Counteract NATO Actions

Russian president has pointed out that NATO’s activity near the borders of his country is a strategic error

Donald Trump Meets EU Leaders in Brussels

During the meeting Donald Trump was urged not to abandon the Paris Protocol against climate change, a request that was also made by Pope Francis

Fidel Castro Comments on Knowledge of Human Existence

Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro criticizes the stance of NATO new general secretary, and praises the work of Stephen Hawking.

Obama Goes to Europe under Pressure to Resolve Crises

President Barack Obama began a tour of Europe today in the midst of the complex crisis facing his administration in regard to the situation in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq.

Bolivia Requests UNASUR Meeting over Colombia-NATO Links

Bolivian government has formally requested the Security Council of the Union of South American Nation (UNASUR) to convene a special meeting to assess the possible links of Colombia with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).