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Organization of American States Continues to Endorse Foreign Intervention

Cuba issued a statement to back Venezuela in the face of the aggression lauched by the Organization of American States (OAS) against this sister nation

Cuba Favours Cooperation Approach in Human Rights Council

Cuban representative, Pedro Luis Pedroso, requested to invest energy in seeking solutions and not in politicized impositions

Cuba Welcomes Accord between ELN and Colombia Government

Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the agreement reached between the government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN)

US Blockade of Cuba Not Over Yet

Obama has powers to put down main components of US blockade of Cuba, said Josefina Vidal in an interview with Cuban television.

Cuba Rejects Washington’s Designation of State Terrorism

Cuba has firmly rejected Washington’s repeated and shameful designation of Cuba as a ‘state sponsor of international terrorism.’

Cuba Denounces U.S. Actions against Brands in the Island

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday denounced new U.S. actions against Cuban trademarks, a position that threatens the protection of industrial property.