Fidel: A Robot Would be the Best Candidate

Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro said in his latest reflections titled “The Best President for the United States,” that 90 percent of eligible US voters, would rather vote a Robot that would avoid a war that may put an end to our human species on the planet.»

Sancti Spiritus Recalls Arrival of the Freedom Caravan

Sancti Spiritus youth remembered this Friday the arrival of the Freedom Caravan in the central Cuban province, headed by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as he led the triumphal path towards Havana.  Local residents congregated in the Serafin Sanchez Square,  as it was done in 1959.»

New Book on Fidel Castro by Sancti Spiritus Writer

The book entitled Un ave fenix llamado Fidel (Fidel: The Phoenix) by Sancti Spiritus writer Andres Castillo Bernal was presented on Wednesday in the Provincial Museum in the Cuban central city. The volume deals with the military and political ideas of the Commander in Chief. According to Andres Castillo, the »

Fidel, Raul Castro Paid Tribute to Cuban Internationalists

Floral wreaths on behalf of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro were laid at a monument at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, in the eastern Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba, in honor of the Cubans who died during internationalist military missions in Africa. Every December 7, Cubans »