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Nuclear Warheads Threat is Violation of International Law, Cuba Says

The commitment of all states to the total elimination of nuclear weapons is the only way to eradicate the threat they pose to human survival

FARC-EP Disarmament Makes Peace Move Forward

On November 24, President Juan Manuel Santos and the leader of that movement, Timoleón Jiménez, signed the definitive agreement to end the fighting and hostilities

Cuba Attends Conference on Disarmament in Geneva

Cuba denounced the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons on the planet that threaten to extinguish the human species, and called on all nations to work for nternational peace and security

Cuba: Shipment Detained in Panama is Defensive and Obsolete

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations issued a statement on Tuesday on the detention in Panama of a boat under North Korean Flag that departed Cuba with defensive and obsolete armament to be repaired and shipped back to the island.