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Controversial Law Favours Argentina Dictatorship Criminals

The law, 24.390, known as 2×1, could reduce the penalty and even release secondary participants from the last military civic dictatorship (1976-1983)

Argentinians Demonstrate to Support Milagro Sala

Milagro Sala was arrested on January 16 when she was heading a protest against the changes imposed by the Governor of the Argentinean province of Jujuy

Charges Presented against Former President Cristina Fernandez

Among the several causes against Fernandez, there is an accusation on supposed plan to favor a public work of local company Austral

Cuba Condemns Aggressions against Venezuela and Bolivia

Cuba condemned the physical attacks against the Venezuelan and Bolivian delegations at the meeting of MERCOSUR in Buenos Aires

Delcy Rodriguez Attacked by Police Officer in Argentina

A meeting of Mercosur foreign ministers was abruptly suspended Wednesday in Buenos Aires as Venezuelan Delcy Rodriguez tried to participate and was attacked by an Argentine police officer

Argentinean President Reinstates Power to the Armed Forces

Argentinean President Mauricio Macri, has reversed the degree that guarantees civilian leadership of the country’s armed forces, in a move that has alarmed citizen and human rights organizations

Protesters Got Injured after Riot Police Attack in Argentina

Social media reports that people were shot repeatedly with rubber bullets and that riot police used tear gas in order to disperse protesters

Argentinean Government Disqualifies Doctors Graduated in Cuba

In what has been considered another anti-popular measure, rightist president Mauricio Macri disqualified 380 medical doctors graduated in Cuba disregarding their impact on the people

Cuban Delegation Attend Inauguration of Mauricio Macri

Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca, led the island’s delegation to the inauguration of Argentina’s President-Elect, Mauricio Macri, according to official reports.

New Possibility for Argentineans to Come to Cuba

Cubana de Aviacion started a second direct flight from Buenos Aires to a vacation destination in the island during the height tourist season, to help increasing the flow of Argentinean travelers.

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