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Catalonian Secessionists Faced with Rebelliouness Charges

The request was filed after the secessionist leaders appear on Thursday before National Court (AN) Judge Carmen Lamela

Lenin Moreno No Longer President of Alianza Pais Leftist Party

The party directorate chose former Foreign Minister and former Minister of Defense Ricardo Patiño to become its leader

Lula Brazilian Tour about to Conclude

The founder of the PT is convinced that the Brazilian people can once again have opportunities, employment and possibilities to study

Venezuela to Hold New Regional Election in Zulia

In the meantime, the president of the Legislative Council, Magdely Valbuena, was appointed as the governor in Zulia

Elias Jaua Defends Venezuela’s Right to Live in Peace

The Venezuelan leader also stressed that this is the only way to  overcome the obstacles of underdevelopment

Alianza País March Against Moreno’s Plebiscite

Alianza País Vice President Ricardo Patiño said supporters will join a march to demand that the Constitutional Court rules out the plebiscite

Santiago Maldonado’s Relatives Demand further Investigations

The family of Maldonado released a statement requesting the intervention of the International Group of Independent Experts

Evo Calls for Unity in MAS Congress

Some 3,000 delegates attend the congress in which the new leadership will be elected and the future political actions will be discussed

Youth Festival Condemns NATO, USA

The president of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), Nikolus Papademetriou, read the final statement of the forum

EU Won’t Recognize Independent Catalonia

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani assured that no European country will accept the independence of Catalonia

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