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Protests Continue in Hamburg for G20 Summit

Protesters claim that G20 policies worldwide are responsible for hellish conditions like hunger, war and the climate disaster

Turkey Plans to Ease Trains for Women

A project has been announced aimed at designating separate railway carriages for women on intra-city trains

Colombian FARC Leader in Cuba for Rehabilitation

Rodrigo Londoño, best known as Timochenko, travelled to Cuba to begin rehabilitation after suffering a transient ischemic stroke

Caribbean Community Meet in Summit

Heads of state and government from the 15 members of the Caribbean Community, Caricom, are gathering in Grenada for a three-day summit

Venezuela Slams Helicopter ‘Terror’ Attack

A man hijacked a helicopter then lobbed 4 grenades at the Supree Court building, where 80 people were working

Bolivians Held in Chile are Back Home

The men, who were detained on March 19 by Chilean police officers, were reunited with their families at the border early on Wednesday morning

Temer Has No Conditions to Govern Brazil, Lula Says

Temer’s latest denounce is related with passive corruption for the big donation made by the chairman of the JBS meat processing plant Joesley Batista

Ecuador Government Ratifies Protection of Julian Assange

It was announced that Assange’s case will be taken to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nation Refugee Agency

Venezuelan Key Leaders Head to Constituent Assembly

The National Electoral Council published on Wednesday the list of candidates that will run to be members to the Constituent Assembly

Beijing Hosts BRICS Meeting Prior to Summit

The gathering was attended by the ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Relations from all the BRICS countries

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