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Temer Has No Conditions to Govern Brazil, Lula Says

Temer’s latest denounce is related with passive corruption for the big donation made by the chairman of the JBS meat processing plant Joesley Batista

Ecuador Government Ratifies Protection of Julian Assange

It was announced that Assange’s case will be taken to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nation Refugee Agency

Venezuelan Key Leaders Head to Constituent Assembly

The National Electoral Council published on Wednesday the list of candidates that will run to be members to the Constituent Assembly

Beijing Hosts BRICS Meeting Prior to Summit

The gathering was attended by the ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Relations from all the BRICS countries

Donald Trump Expected to Reinforce Policies against Cuba

According to website, the US president seeks to reaffirm the validity of blockade imposed by Washington on the Caribbean nation 55 years ago

Russia Ready to Counteract NATO Actions

Russian president has pointed out that NATO’s activity near the borders of his country is a strategic error

Nicaraguans Mourn Death of Priest Miguel D’Escoto

Miguel D’Escoto passed away at the age of 84 after a long illness, although in an unexpected way, Vice President Rosario Murillo said 

Bolivarian Government Confirms Talks with Leopoldo López

Leopoldo Lopez, former mayor of Chacao and leader of Voluntad Popular, is currently kept in jail for having instigated violent actions

12 Arrested after London Bridge Terrorist Attack

Investigations continue into the attack that started when a van hit a group of pedestrians on the London Bridge

Donald Trump Meets EU Leaders in Brussels

During the meeting Donald Trump was urged not to abandon the Paris Protocol against climate change, a request that was also made by Pope Francis

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