Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spiritus Holds Science Day Celebration

Looking for solution to local problems is the highest priority of scientific centers in Sancti Spiritus, all of which celebrated science day this January 15th. The commemoration envisaged the recognition of heads of projects, outstanding doctors and teachers, as well as students involved in the scientific practice.»

Colloquium Greets 500 Foundation Anniversary of Trinidad

The 25th colloquium on Trinidad cultural history is underway from Thursday to Saturday, on occasion of the 500 foundation anniversary of the village of the Holy Trinity, to be celebrated next January 12. During the forum, researches will discuss about topics linked to the history and culture of the first …»

Escambray Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Thirty-five years after its foundation, the staff members of Sancti Spiritus Escambray newspaper, ratified this January 4th their commitment to the call made by the country’s top leadership towards the improvement of professionalism in the journalistic exercise.»