Sancti Spíritus

Unmistakable Colonial-Styled Sancti Spiritus

The central Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus readies to welcome an event eagerly awaited by local residents: the celebration of the 500th foundation anniversary of the narrow streets, red-clay-tile- roof houses, and unmistakable colonial-styled village. Formerly established near Tuinucu River, the town was later on moved to the banks of …»

Twenty Luminaria Volumes in Sancti Spiritus Book Fair

Sancti Spiritus Luminaria publishing house will present 20 new books in the upcoming book fair event, to take place in this central Cuban territory during the last days of February. Daniel Cruz, director of the publisher, briefed Escambray about some of the volumes and highlighted the long-awaited Luzángela, by Ángel …»

Camilo, the Boyfriend of All Cuban Grandmas

Since I was very young, I used to hear my grandmother talk about Camilo Cienfuegos. I didn’t know who he was, but I realized she was very fond of him. “There is nobody like him”, she said. I even thought she referred to a boyfriend of hers.»

Experts Authenticate Fernandez Morera’s Portraits (+photos)

“There is no doubt, the drawings are Fernandez Morera’s”, said Sancti Spiritus plastic art expert, Paula Betancourt Leon, after analyzing the pictures found by Carlos Alberto Puga hidden behind two framed paintings in his home living room. The portraits of a mature man, and a nearly-40-year-old lady were discovered by …»

Sancti Spiritus: Work of Sur del Jíbaro Grain Station Highlighted

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (CITMA) highlighted in Sancti Spiritus, the scientific achievements of Sur del Jibaro Territorial Grain Research Station during 2013, when over ten food-related projects were worked out. According to statements made in Radio Sancti Spiritus by Javier Romero Calero, head of CITMA office in …»

New Books Honor Colonial Trinidad

Sticked to its own traditions, Trinidad features sites that allow visitors go back centuries. But not only its architectural values are worth noting; the village also has an outstanding intangible cultural heritage.»