Cuba Reports 4.3-Percent Infant Mortality Rate

Cuba has reported so far this year an infant mortality rate of 4.3 percent per 1,000 live births, lower than the 4.9 percent registered in 2011, when it reached the lowest level in the region, sources from the sector said on Monday.»

International Solidarity with Cuba on May Day

Over one thousand representatives of 162 trade unions, social movements and of solidarity with Cuba, from 62 countries will participate in the parade on May 1 in support of the social project started on the island in 1959.»

Cuban Workers Union Convokes May Day Parade

Cuba’s Workers Union (CTC for its Spanish acronym) convened its members and every Cuban worker to celebrate May Day with a massive parade. For  Cubans,  May Day equals joy and revolutionary confirmation.»

Cuba Welcomes Solidarity Brigade from 22 Nations

The Primero de Mayo International Brigade, comprised of activitists from 22 nations, arrives in Cuba on Monday to attend May Day celebrations. A bulletin issued by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) stated that this time, about 260 brigade members from 22 countries of the five continents …»