Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Visits Cuba

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is on a working visit to Cuba to meet with his Cuban peer, Raul Castro, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Santos, 60, will talk separately with Raul Castro and Chavez, who is in Havana recovering from surgery.»

Cuba: Abel Prieto Appointed as Presidential Advisor

After 15 years as Cuba’s minister of culture, Abel Prieto was appointed as advisor to Cuban President Raul Castro, according to an official communiqué made public by local media. Rafael Bernal, deputy minister of culture since 1997, will replace Abel Prieto.»

Chavez: No Signs of Cancer or Metastasis

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez reiterated over the weekend that he is successfully recovering from surgery in Cuba, where he had a pelvic lesion removed last week. “We are very optimistic”, said the leader.»

Cuban Bishops Celebrate Pope’s Visit

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba welcomes Pope Benedict XVI, who will visit the Caribbean island on March 26-28. The institution described as good news the Pope’s visit, which has generated a particular enthusiasm in communities and catholic parishes, according to a communique published in Granma newspaper on Friday.»

Eusebio Leal Lectured at Int Habano Festival

Havana Historian Eusebio Leal said on Wednesday that the production, trade, and traditions of tobacco are part of the Cuban cultural heritage and a national legacy that remains in the preference of millions of people around the world.»