Mary Luz Borrego

September, 2017

  • 23 September

    Caguanes Mangroves: Savers and Victims

    The Caguanes mangroves fulfilled their primary protective function, but there were serious consequences for the vegetation of the region»

  • 20 September

    Drinking Water Available in Sancti Spíritus after Hurricane

    The drinking water service offered by the Empresa Provincial de Acueducto y Alcantarillado (Provincial Aqueduct and Sewer Company) in Sancti Spiritus, which was severely damaged due to the passage of Hurricane Irma, has been already restored to about 290,000 clients, representing 97% of the total residents who benefit from such …»

  • 13 September

    Hurricane Irma Damages 80 Percent of Natural Forests in Sancti Spiritus

    Although due to difficulties with access and communications the impact of Hurricane Irma is still unkown in several facilities, preliminary information allows experts to state that 80 percent of the natural forests under the Flora and Fauna Business Unit Sancti Spiritus Norte was damaged. According to Sonia María Pérez, economic …»

  • 12 September

    Electrical Service Recovers in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

        The electricity network was severely damaged with the passage of Hurricane Irma in the province of Sancti Spiritus, particulary in Yaguajay and in the capital city»

  • 6 September

    Sancti Spiritus in Information Phase Due to Hurricane Irma

    Taking into consideration the characteristics of this extreme hydro meteorological event and its predicted path, the Cuban Civil Defense decreed the Information Phase for the province of Sancti Spiritus, along with the rest of the terriotories from Guantanamo to Matanzas yesterday afternoon. The now category five powerful Hurricane Irma, continues …»

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  • 1 December

    Caravan that Honors Fidel Castro Arrives Thursday in Sancti Spiritus

    The cedar urn embraced by the Cuban flag and surrounded by white roses with the ashes of Fidel Castro arrives this Thursday in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, as part of the route planned from Havana to Santiago de Cuba to recall the Caravan of Freedom, headed by the Commander in …»